land animals were killed for food today

We humans kill approximately 80 billion land animals per year, a number that is expected to increase significantly over the next decades as demand for meat increases in countries such as China. In the last five years, this number has risen with 10 billion.

sea animals pulled from the ocean today
sea animals pulled from the ocean as by-catch today
whales, dolphins and seals killed by fishing vessels today
sharks caught in fishing lines and nets today

The heart of our ecosystem, Earth' seas, is dying. Trillions of sea animals are killed every year directly by humans or indirectly as a consequence of human pollution. In the current pace, the seas will be empty by 2050 or earlier.

animals used in laboratory experiments today
animals killed in U.S. laboratories today
animals killed for cosmetics today

Many animals suffer and are killed for reasons other than food, such as experiments in laboratories for medicines, agriculture and cosmetics. Statistics on animal testing are not available for all countries that use animals. Sometimes this is because that country has no law on animal experimentation or simply doesn't collect this information.

square kilometers lost in the Amazon due to animal agriculture today
species of animals became extinct in the Amazon rainforest today
orangutans died at the hands of deforestation today

Every minute, 1 to 2 acres of rainforest are cleared. This is disastrous for the worlds ecosystem, as not only store these forests large amounts of carbon but do they also provide a large part of the worlds oxygen. The Amazon rainforest produces around 20% of the worlds oxygen. 91% of the Amazon rainforests destruction is caused by animal agriculture. Disastrous for nature, humans and animals.


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